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We put our ability to network with incredible companies to work for you. We are proud to be expanding the high quality products we offer at the clinic. Please stop by or follow the links below to learn more about these companies and their products.
Nutri-Dyn & Metagenics
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Product Offerings
As part of our First Line Therapy program, we have access to excellent quality supplements and medical foods made available through Nutri-Dyn. Established patients are able to register and order online for a 10% discount. Some of our frequently recommended products are also available at our clinic. Click the link above to view their whole product line.
We are excited to introduce Ganoderma beverages. We will be offering a variety of warm seasonal drinks including black coffee, latte, mocha and green tea. Coffee without the jitters! This is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one if coffee or tea are already a mainstay in your daily routine. For those of you interested in the benefits of ganoderma, but without the drink, we also carry Ganoderma Plus, an encapsulated supplement from our Nutri-Dyn product line. Ganoderma is a highly beneficial rishi mushroom. Found to benefit neurological function, immune function, bowel health; the list goes on! Drink to your health! Select any of these links and go to "products" to pursue ordering.